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Hello let me introduce myself. My name is Andi and i really love/like making rpg genre games, But unfortunately i'm really sucks at drawing, but still that does'nt stop me from doing what i really like.

Also please before trying this game read this first:

Q: Why the game sucks
A: I know i'm really sorry, I just started learning java android just a few months ago, Also i coded 100% using application on android called AIDE.

Q: Why coded on android?
A: Well, unfortunately my monitor computer is broken, and at the moment i can't really afford one (I really don't have to tell you this but yeah). so instead i use AIDE.

Q: Why are the graphics or pictures are awful
A: I'm more of a code guy, So i just draw the image with the horrible drawing skill that i have.

Q: Everything is awful
A: i know i know, if you guys hate it it's ok, But if you guys like it i do really appreciate that, I will try my best to learn and improve even more


Hello i want to share my awful game it's called Rynica Clicker, and it's about tap tap with RPG genre. The objective it's pretty simple, slay some monster, find some loot, and level up.

Here's some feature of this game:

+ Classes (1 available class, Warrior)

+ Skills (Unlockable skill)

+ Weapons (There's 3 rarity available, Unique, rare, and legendary)

+ Artifact (Same like weapons has 3 rarity. Artifact grant some cool ability)

So yeah, that's the list of available feature, there's still plenty of upcoming feature in the next update


- Some bugs might occured, and i really appreciate if you guys let me know about the bugs, i will try to fix them asap

- Currently working properly on an android phone with screen size more than 1200+ and 720+ (It will still work on smaller size phone, But the UI is not showing properly, I will try to fix this in future update)

- If you guys want to contribute for stuff like an image for monster of the game feel free to let me know, i really appriciate that because the monster image i'm using is really really awful

- and if you guys have a suggestion for the game feature i would like to hear it

- If you wanna support me feel free to visit my Patreon

Sorry for bad english and thanks for stopping by.


Rynica Clicker V 1.2.apk 76 kB
Rynica Clicker V 1.1.apk 61 kB
Rynica Clicker V 1.0.apk 57 kB

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